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Our Leaders

Group Leader

Y. Hagop Der Tateossian

Սկաուտ Խորհուրդ   

Y. Manuel Keosseian: Chairman/Administration

K. Virginia Vahratian: Secretary

K. Seta Akillian: Treasurer

Y. Hagop Der Tateossian: Scouts Australia Link

Hall Hire:       2ndwilloughbyhallhire@gmail.com 

Joeys Leaders

 Միաւոր – K. Taleen Kajakajian

Խմբապետ – K. Karoun Boghossian 

Վարիչ Առաջնորդ – K. Monique Manookian

Վարիչ Առաջնորդ – K. Rebekka Nercessian

Cub Scout Leaders

Միաւոր –  K. Taleen Kajakajian

Խմբապետ –   Y. Hovik Der Tateossian

Խմբապետ – K. Narine Akillian

Վարիչ Առաջնորդ  – K. Natasha Warian

Վարիչ Առաջնորդ – Y. Kyler Boghossian

Վարիչ Առաջնորդ – Y. Daron Kalloghlian

Scouts Leaders

Միաւոր – Y. Raffi Pailagian

Խմբապետ – Y. Antranig Der Tateossian

Խմբապետ – K. Seta Der Tateossian

Վարիչ Առաջնորդ – K. Isabelle Vahratian

Վարիչ Առաջնորդ – Y. Michael Tchopourian

Վարիչ Առաջնորդ – Y. Kirk Georgian 

Venturers Leaders

Միաւոր –  K. Rojeeca Tchopourian

Խմբապետ – Y. Raffi Nadjarian



Email is the primary method of communication between the Leaders, Group Support Committee and Parents. A weekly email is sent informing of upcoming events. Quite often meeting venues need to change, especially if the Armenian Cultural Centre (agoump) is unavailable. Therefore please ensure parents remain informed via these emails. If your contact details change, please ensure you advise your child’s Miyavor khmpabed asap.

Communication is two-way. Leaders want to hear from parents about any concerns they may have, or any suggestions. Please ensure your child’s leaders are aware of any medical, allergy, health, social or emotional concerns relating to your child.

The email address to contact the sectional Miyavors are as follows:


Position Email Address
Joey & Cub Miyavorjoeyscubsantranig@gmail.com
Scout Miyavorariarenoushantranig@gmail.com
Venturer Miyavorventurersantranig@gmail.com
Group /Assistant Group Leader

Սկաուտ Խորհուրդ  

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